What We Do

Evokeworks is a full-service web development boutique. Jeremy is skilled in the design and development of websites for diverse platforms and media environments with a wide variety of web technologies; design, development, and maintenance of e-Commerce websites; website project management; e-Learning presentations and tutorials composition and construction; Business presentation production in multiple media environments; design and development of Flash-based applications; site architecture conception and organization; site search engine optimization; domain name registration and hosting solutions; and advanced UI concepts and implementation strategies.

An effective website requires a top-to-bottom understanding of the client's needs. The questions you are asked help Jeremy design and develop the project to reach your specific goals.

  • Who is your audience?
  • Why do you need the site or the project built?
    • Are you trying to draw customers for a specific product? Increase your market share? Move your site to the top of Google's rankings?
    • Do you draw clients using other means, and your site primarily serves as an aspect of your corporate identity?
  • Would you like to update the site on a regular basis? Or would you like maintenance to be done for you?
  • What would you like the site to accomplish?
  • Do you have specific technology requirements?
  • Is search engine optimization an important part of the project you want developed?
  • Have you considered the nature of the content you will be presenting and who will write or provide it?
  • Have you thought about marketing strategies for your brand and how it will tie into your site?
  • Do you have a domain name?
  • Do you need email?

Jeremy asks these questions and more as he goes through the development process. The correct choice of technologies and a thorough understanding of the client's needs is imperative before work is begun.

He provides consistent updates through the development process and are in constant contact with the client. We work with our clients to determine a hosting solution suitable for their needs, and install and thoroughly test all projects to the clients satisfaction on a wide variety of browsers and the MAC and PC platforms.

Jeremy will work with you to design, build and maintain your site or project from conception to completion in a timely manner.